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The Ekaton Difference

The Ekaton Difference makes us a unique wealth management firm in the London region.

  1. We provide exclusive, highly personalized wealth management guidance to a limited number of clients and their families. By having fewer clients, we ensure your financial affairs will get the attention they deserve. We provide sincere and focused attention, not typically available from traditional financial advisors or in a self-managed investment program, which is often constrained by available time;
  2. Before we provide any guidance, we seek first to understand your current personal situation and stage in life. Only with this understanding are we able to develop a best suited strategy.
  3. Our interests are aligned to that of our clients as an independent firm and ensuring clear disclosure of compensation for services;
  4. We assist our clients in preparing for life-changing events and circumstances. Working with your other advisors (e.g. accountant, lawyer, banker, CFO, etc.), our job is to stay ahead of the issues that impact your wealth;
  5. Effective wealth management is a dynamic process, both pro-active and reactive. As a client of Ekaton, you will enjoy the satisfaction of having greater control over your wealth. Overall, you will feel better about your financial affairs and will get more of what you want in building and protecting your wealth; and
  6. We are independently owned and operated, with no affiliation to a large bank-owned brokerage or wealth management firms.
Our partners

Through a careful and diligent process, Ekaton selects investment product from institutional asset managers that meet our high standards of quality, integrity, transparency, investment process and client alignment.